Veneice this good good feeling

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The traditional first doge of Venice , Paolo Lucio Anafesto (Anafestus Paulicius), was elected in 697, as written in the oldest chronicle by John, deacon of Venice in ca. 1008. Some modern historians claim Paolo Lucio Anafesto was actually Exarch Paul , and his successor, Marcello Tegalliano , was Paul's magister militum (General: literally, "Master of Soldiers"). In 726 the soldiers and citizens of the Exarchate rose in a rebellion over the iconoclastic controversy at the urging of Pope Gregory II . The Exarch, held responsible for the acts of his master Byzantine Emperor Leo III , was murdered and many officials put to flight in the chaos. At about this time, the people of the lagoon elected their own independent leader for the first time, although the relationship of this to the uprisings is not clear. Ursus was the first of 117 " doges " ( doge is the Venetian dialect development of the Latin dux ("leader"); the corresponding word in English is duke , in standard Italian duce .) Whatever his original views, Ursus supported Emperor Leo III 's successful military expedition to recover Ravenna, sending both men and ships. In recognition of this, Venice was "granted numerous privileges and concessions" and Ursus, who had personally taken the field, was confirmed by Leo as dux [22] and given the added title of hypatus (Greek for " Consul ".) [23]

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