Rock critics pile ou face

Thursday in Minnesota at his first public appearance since announcing he would resign from the . Senate, Sen. Al Franken (D-MN) said while he is leaving, he was “not giving up” his voice. “Here’s my promise to you I may be

Given the success of 2010’s gold-selling and chart-topping The Oracle, Sully once again teamed up with Dave Fortman [Slipknot, Evanescence] to co-produce. Together, they capture a booming intensity and raw energy that’s equally anthemic and arena-ready.
“Dave gets truly great sounds,” Tony goes on. “We all trust him. He’s just an awesome guy to work with. He’s like having a fifth member because he can play guitar and drums too.”

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The world is a great book, of which they that never stir from home read only a page.
St. Augustine (354-430) (Augustine of Hippo) - As quoted in Select Proverbs of All Nations by "Thomas Fielding" (John Wade), 1824, p. 216

The Losers reach the end of Stephen King’s 1982 collection, Different Seasons, with The Breathing Method. Chapters include: Intro, The Hook (2:45), Structure and Format (18:25), Zeroes and Villains (30:00), The Sematary (40:25), Word Processor of the God (53:30), Poundcake! (55:52), King’s Dominion (59:25), Overall Thoughts (1:05:45), Potential Adaptations (1:10:35), Final Word on Different Seasons (1:20:30), The Writers’ Club (1:24:30), and Outro (1:38:40).

Rock Critics Pile Ou Face