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Have both WarGreymon and MetalGarurumon at Lvl 40 on one Digimon to obtain Omnimon as a full digivolution or DNA digivolve any WarGreymon and MetalGarurumon for Omnimon to appear, slash with Grey Sword and fire a Garuru Cannon Shot. For Imperialdramon Paladin Mode, have both him and Imperialdramon Fighter Mode at lvl 40. He is also available as Omnimon I, a Red Mega Card with 60 AP/62 HP, and Omnimon II, Green card with 61/61.

Seeing Omega Centauri is very special in part because you can see it with your eye alone, assuming you have a dark-enough sky. Very few of the Milky Way galaxy’s 250 or so globular star clusters are readily visible without optics.

Using the Lock, the Autobots were able to reactivate Primus's higher functions and the god explained the history of the Lock and the colonization project while also stating he needed the Lock and all four Cyber Planet Keys to close the black hole revealing the final Key was on the colony world of Gigantion . Balance

He transported the Autobots and the Aerialbots back to Cybertron when they detected strange energy readings emanating from the planet. The trip expended his energy so he was forced to sit out the mission. While the Autobots dealt with a time machine sending the Aerialbots to the past, the Decepticons reactivated one of Omega's fellow Guardian Robots. After the Aerialbots returned from their trip through time, Silverbolt handed over some power packs they had taken from the Cybertron's Golden Age to refuel Omega. War Dawn

Omega made his next appearance in Shadow the Hedgehog ( 2005 ), still with the sole intention of getting revenge on Eggman. He was given a new English voice actor from Webtone Productions ( Jeff Kramer ) (though originally cast to Maddie Blaustein of 4Kids Entertainment ) while retaining his Japanese voice actor (Taiten Kusunoki). Optionally, Shadow can assist Omega in the "Hero" missions of the " Iron Jungle " [18] and " Lava Shelter " [19] stages by teaming up to get to Eggman and Omega will help him battle the " Egg Breaker " [20] and " Egg Dealer " [21] bosses following those stages. In Expert Mode, Omega spoke to Shadow on the " Mad Matrix " and " Lava Shelter " levels, also being some kind of comic relief in the latter, along with Rouge, [22] and he was heard last giving support to Shadow on The Last Way along with every other main character in the game.

Omega Blue StarOmega Blue StarOmega Blue StarOmega Blue Star