The avengers days of pearly spencer

By this time, the paranoid and combative federal agent Henry Peter Gyrich had become the team's new government liaison. He imposed reductions and modifications of the team's membership, during which time Falcon and Ms. Marvel joined, but he was eventually reassigned. The team worked more smoothly with subsequent liaisons such as Raymond Sikorsky , who later betrayed them by aiding a government conspiracy against the Vision, and lifelong Avengers fan Duane Freeman , who was killed by Kang. A humbled Gyrich would later redeem himself by serving admirably as the Avengers liaison to the United Nations. Meanwhile, the team continued to add new members such as Wonder Man, Tigra , She-Hulk , a new Captain Marvel , and Starfox . Rambeau in particular proved to be one of the team's most formidable and respected members.

Marvel's statement called "No Surrender" the "end of an era" for Earth's Mightiest Heroes, and "the team's final days."

After the events of the Ultron Outbreak, Captain America, Black Widow, Hulk and Falcon rejoin the Avengers after resigning from . Both Iron Man and Captain America says Avengers Reassemble and Ant-Man starts to walk away. Iron Man then says 'Avengers means you too Ant-Man'. Both Ant-Man and Hawkeye are surprised in which Iron Man says 'relax Hawkeye, our differences makes us stronger, remember?' Ant-Man nudges Hawkeye and Iron Man says 'Avengers Assemble.'

The Avengers Days Of Pearly SpencerThe Avengers Days Of Pearly SpencerThe Avengers Days Of Pearly SpencerThe Avengers Days Of Pearly Spencer