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According to Norley, that decision should occur in the late summer or early fall of 2018. “Provided that it’s a positive decision, we will continue fielding—and, our next wave of sites after IOC are down in southern California,” he says. “We have 23 different waves, and each of those waves is based on geographical regions. We started with IOC in the Pacific Northwest and will move down the West Coast. The biggest facility out there will be the Naval Medical Center San Diego near Balboa Park. Then, the waves will move west to east from there.”

Additionally, there were 17 constitutional amendments introduced regarding term limits for elected officials, such as Senate Joint Resolution Constitutional Amendment 5 . This legislation would have imposed term limits on members of the General Assembly and the executive branch. Another example, House Joint Resolution Constitutional Amendment 2 , would have set term limits on how long a person can serve as the speaker of the House, Senate president, minority leader of the House and minority leader of the Senate. None of these proposed constitutional amendments were ever called for a vote or discussed by lawmakers.

If Harold loses, again, she can try to run for the state senate, and join the likes of Jim Oberweis and (fingers crossed) Jason Plummer and they can form … the “Icarus Caucus”

  • - People Over Parties - Thursday, Nov 30, 17 @ 11:57 am: The article also calls Jeanne Ives “credible”.

    On 24 July 2013, Campbell and Wardman have found two members to replace former members, Lane and Creighton. Jessica Batist and Clarissa "Risa" White. The new formed girl group are in thoughts of maybe adding a fifth member. As of 24 July 2013, Dodient Records have taken Belle Amie off the label. The girls are now looking to find a new firm that can take the newly formed Belle Amie to success. " Girls Up " was re-recorded with Batist and White's voices, and their debut album as a new group will be entitled Fresh Girl .

    Is Theresa May also being 'bullied' when people question her actions and whether she's fit for her role?

    catgirl1976 that's ridiculous behaviour. What's the complaints procedure?

     · You might remember when we emailed you a little over two months ago to share the news that Lisa Madigan dropped out of the race against Erika Harold for ...

    Ali won anyway, leaving the Australian with the bronze medal, even if many thought Madigan had been robbed. But there were no complaints from him now. That was all gone.

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