King crimson in the court of the crimson kinglarks tongues in aspic

In the Court of the Crimson King (subtitled An Observation by King Crimson) is the debut studio album from the English rock band King Crimson, released on 10 October 1969 on Atlantic Records. The album is considered to be one of the first and most influential of the progressive rock genre, where the band largely departed from the blues influences that rock music was founded upon and combined elements of jazz, classical, and symphonic music.

Between the first and fifth volumes the Crimson King is barely mentioned at all, with antagonistic factions such as the men of Hambry and the warring tribes of Lud apparently having independent motivations - although later volumes heavily imply that in all the decay and destruction of Roland's world, the Crimson King had a part. Certainly, Farson himself was as much a chesspiece on the King's board as Walter. He made, or had made for him, a giant machine called An Tak or the Big Combination ran by children who failed as possible Breakers. An Tak's purpose was to spread discordia through the multiverse. An Tak is most likely the same as The King's Forge mentioned in Song of Susannah and DT7. 

Electric and acoustic guitars – Robert Fripp
Drums, percussion, and backing vocals – Michael Giles
Bass and lead vocals – Greg Lake
Woodwinds, vibraphone, and backing vocals – Ian McDonald
Lyrics – Peter Sinfield

The eleventh and twelfth releases in King Crimson's superlative 40th Anniversary series.  Featuring 2016 stereo and surround mixes (by Steven Wilson and Robert Fripp) and extra tracks, these are definitive editions of the second and third parts of King Crimson's acclaimed and influential Minimalist Ethno-Art-Rock/Post-Punk 1980s trilogy.  The DVD-As (compatible with all DVD and DVD Rom players) feature DTS and High Resolution Stereo mixes, and can additionally access Lossless audio mixes and Lossless Stereo mixes.  As with the other 40th Anniversary releases, the sets are presented in a double digipak format in a slipcase and contain sleeve notes by King Crimson biographer Sid Smith (along with rare photos and archive material).  For Beat the DVD-A also includes footage of performances featured on German TV live from The Alabamahalle and the original, rarely seen, promotional film for Heartbeat.  For Three of a Perfect Pair the DVD-A also features the additional tracks (called Other Side) from the 30th anniversary edition CD, new additional tracks as featured on the 2016 CD, and the promotional film for the Sleepless single.  All material featured on both these CD/DVD-A sets will also appear on a forthcoming box chronicling King Crimson's 1980s material.  The two sets are slated for a mid-October release.  At this time there is no info on the pricing, contents and release date of the '80s big box set.

The group's definitive album, and one of the most daring debut albums ever recorded by anybody. At the time, it blew all of the progressive/psychedelic competition ( the Moody Blues , the Nice , etc.) out of the running, although it was almost too good for the band's own good -- it took King Crimson nearly four years to come up with a record as strong or concise. Ian McDonald 's Mellotron is the dominant instrument, along with his saxes and Fripp 's guitar, making this a somewhat different-sounding record from everything else they ever did. And even though that Mellotron sound is muted and toned down compared to their concert work of the era (., Epitaph ), it is still fierce and overpowering, on an album highlighted by strong songwriting (most of it filled with dark and doom-laden visions), the strongest singing of Greg Lake 's entire career, and Fripp 's guitar playing that strangely mixed elegant classical, Hendrix -like rock explosions, and jazz noodling. Lineup changes commenced immediately upon the album's release, and Fripp would ultimately be the only survivor on later King Crimson records.

King Crimson In The Court Of The Crimson KingLarks Tongues In AspicKing Crimson In The Court Of The Crimson KingLarks Tongues In AspicKing Crimson In The Court Of The Crimson KingLarks Tongues In AspicKing Crimson In The Court Of The Crimson KingLarks Tongues In Aspic