Headhunters industrial warfare

Energetic, creative and team oriented, our fresh approach to recruiting is what keeps the team at SearchWest inspired and our clients astounded with the quality of candidates they are presented.  We are connected, we are more than just a headhunter, we have assembled the best recruiters in the industry to recruit exceptional talent that delivers results for our clients.  We are relentless in our pursuit of top talent, helping you build world class teams that will transform the future of your business.

As one of the leading staffing agencies in Portland, Opti Staffing offers a full range of staffing and recruiting services for employers:

Allheadhunters .com has the complete overview of Headhunters and Executive search firms worldwide. Boutique, International, Retained or Contingent, we know the firm ...

Our additional offering includes Market Mapping (also called Talent Mapping); Leadership Coaching and Leadership Assessments , and Non-Executive Director Appointments .

Our office locations in the Americas include Tijuana, Mexico, San Diego (California), and partner offices in Brazil, Argentina, Chile, Peru, Colombia, and Uruguay.  Over the years, our group has provided solutions to many Fortune 500 companies and global leaders including prestigious corporations like Toyota, Kimberly Clark, Medtronic, Bombardier, Emerson Electric, Paccar, Valeo, Kelloggs, Fresenius, and HSBC.  Some of our Core Industry and Functional Search Practices are as follows:  

Headhunters Industrial WarfareHeadhunters Industrial WarfareHeadhunters Industrial WarfareHeadhunters Industrial Warfare