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The music video for "Human" (which uses the shorter single version) was filmed in London during June 1986, in a studio using Chroma key overlay. It is heavily stylized to give a "water reflective" effect and blue hue throughout. In the first time that the band had been presented as a "Phil and the girls" trio, images of Oakey, Catherall and Sulley are constantly layered and blended. The video was conceived and directed by Andy Morahan .

Images and sounds of the characters from Justice League Action . Voice actors images from the Justice League Action voice cast.

It makes sense they’d choose to go with a verbal Pikachu rather than the normally incomprehensible version and it explains why the studio is looking at some big name, recognizable voices to bring the role to life. Earlier it was rumored that Legendary was eyeing Dwayne Johnson to voice Pikachu , though other names also being thrown about included Ryan Reynolds, Hugh Jackman, and Mark Wahlberg, so the studio is clearly confident about this film enough to swing big. And it should be confident. With Pokémon’s enormous global fanbase and the fervent love it holds for the brand, Detective Pikachu could very well be a monster box office success for Legendary, particularly overseas. With filming for Detective Pikachu scheduled to start in January of 2018, we can expect a few more casting announcements heading our way soon.

The out-of-focus cover photo was used to disguise the fact that it was taken at very short notice to meet a print deadline, after the disaster of the planned original photo shoot. Oakey originally wanted to return to the Vogue cover style of Dare artwork for Crash . He had persuaded Virgin Records to finance a studio photo shoot of the band with Vogue' s Paris-based Photographer Guy Bourdin . The band were flown out to Paris for the two-day photo sessions. However on arriving at Bourdin's studio it became apparent that he was only interested in photographing the two female vocalists Susan Ann Sulley and Joanne Catherall . Matters came to a head when Bourdin ordered Sulley to do a handstand wearing a mini-skirt , a pose she considered inappropriate. After she turned on Bourdin and the two clashed angrily, the photographer refused to work with the band and they walked out of the session with the loss of all fees. Oakey would later comment that "we spent two days there, it took nine hours to set up one photograph and I daren't tell you how much money we spent". [5]

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Human League Love Action I Believe In LoveHuman League Love Action I Believe In LoveHuman League Love Action I Believe In LoveHuman League Love Action I Believe In Love