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Starting in 1984, Black Saint/Soul Note won the Down Beat Critics Poll for best record label for six subsequent years until they were replaced by Blue Note in 1990. [3]

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Plastic mouthpieces are usually worthless and just for students, they may come in the case with a new saxophone. Glass mouthpieces are extremely rare, especially among baritone mouthpieces – they are much more common for clarinet. Wooden mouthpieces are somewhat rare as well, and can sound great, but may be hard to keep in shape and may be expensive. They are affected greatly by changes in humidity (weather) and are prone to cracking.

John O'Gallagher Trio - Live In Brooklyn
Dave O'Higgins - It's Always In Zog
Miles Okazaki - Trickster
Pete Oxley and Nicolas Meier - The Colours Of Time

Hamiet Bluiett ResolutionHamiet Bluiett ResolutionHamiet Bluiett ResolutionHamiet Bluiett Resolution