Bad city band batman 77

In the 2008 miniseries Final Crisis , Man-Bat has been turned into a Justifier and was shown attacking Switzerland 's Checkmate Headquarters. [8]

Genre : Disco
Country : . Disco (US)
Year : 1977
Audio codec : MP3
Riptype : tracks
Bitrate : 320 kbps
Playtime : 00:13:17
Tracklist :
1. Batman 77 (6:38)
2. Batman 77 (6:39)

I’m researching this, too, and happened upon this post. Thought I’d add that growing up, we always sang…

A Lego version of Man-Bat makes a cameo appearance in The Lego Batman Movie alongside other Batman villains. He's seen with the other villains attacking the Gotham Winter Galla.

Uncertain what to do, he turned to someone he knew would understand: Superman . Very briefly, Dick had considered giving up the whole crime fighting gig, but he couldn't imagine his life any other way; but if he couldn't be Robin, who would he be? Superman had the answer. Long ago on Krypton , a man was cast out by his family - just as Dick had been. He dreamed of a world ruled by justice, and set out to protect the helpless of Krypton. His true identity was never revealed. He was known only as Nightwing.

Will Forte , Dave Franco , Jake Johnson , Keegan-Michael Key , Chris McKay and Jorma Taccone provide voice cameos in the film.

Bad City Band Batman 77Bad City Band Batman 77Bad City Band Batman 77Bad City Band Batman 77