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Many employers, friends, and family members will be compassionate if they see a person is making a sincere effort to recover from a substance abuse problem. But you can also reassure your friend that laws protect the privacy of a person seeking drug treatment—or in fact, any medical treatment. Health care providers may not share information with anyone else without a patient’s permission. Some jobs may require a doctor's note saying an employee is being treated for a medical condition, but the nature of the condition need not be specified. For more information on how private medical information is protected by law, read the HHS information on Health Information Privacy (HIPAA).

This version of How to Deal With a Drug Addicted Family Member or Loved One was reviewed by Jessica B. Casey on January 13, 2017.

Locate a Loved One
Locating a loved one at Holy Sepulchre or Ascension Garden is made simple with our online directory. Simply enter the first letters of the last name of the person you are looking for, and their profile page will be found. From their profile page, you can print out the location of the burial site along with a map of the cemetery. You may also find the location of a loved one using our onsite kiosk. The kiosk is located in the Main Office lobby at each location, and may be accessed whenever cemetery gates are open. We also invite our online visitors to leave messages for the deceased in our Lifebook. Simply go to the person’s profile page to view recent messages or to leave a new message.

Successful candidate will need to demonstrate staff training experience, excellent written/oral communication skills & computer proficiency;
valid driver’s license required.

Contact the clerk of the probate court for the area in which the deceased person lived and inquire whether a will has been notarized in the deceased's name. Some courts allow people to record their wills with the courts, in which case the court will have a copy of the will that can be used in probate. The court may also be able to provide copies of the will for a fee.

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The Loved One Locate And CementThe Loved One Locate And CementThe Loved One Locate And CementThe Loved One Locate And Cement