The west coast workshop the wizard of oz and other trans love trips

We will meet and greet, January 26th, Friday evening, 7pm, in the lobby of the Sailport Waterfont Suites. For more information about the Sailport here is their website. It is NOT necessary that you lodge at the Sailport but only that you meet up there Friday evening for the meet and greet.

We are now home following our Dalesman trip on Tuesday and are still in a state of euphoria, it was the most fantastic experience and it is hard to find words to express our appreciation. The meals were delicious and the staff efficient and very pleasant.

The mutated form of Grey developed psychic powers, which were enhanced by consuming living minds to expand his own psionic strength. Slowly, as other wanderers from the Wasteland made it into the Mariposa Base themselves, Grey started performing his own experiments with the FEV. Grey — who now called himself "The Master" — lamented the needless destruction of human society caused by the Great War . In his warped state, he decided that he would have to force humanity to evolve beyond its innately destructive tendencies. If everyone could be as perfect as his evolutionarily advanced super mutants, the Master reasoned, there would be no more conflict in the world. Those who would not evolve would be forcibly sterilized and allowed to live out their lives in peace, though without the ability to pass on their imperfections to the next generation. [2] Around the year 2155 , the Master began seeking out uncontaminated, pure strain humans with which to create new mutants and build the super mutant army he required to carry his plans to fruition.

To make attending simple we’ve established this website with links for registration, hotel reservations, and to find other pertinent information about the meeting. We look forward to seeing you and some of your personnel in Victorville. Should you have any questions please don’t hesitate to contact me or any of the other committee members.

1-3 Spring Street
PO Box 338, Burnie
Tasmania 7320

T : 03 6433 8400
F : 03 6431 7014
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West Coast Craft is excited to present the WCC Scholarship Program. Each show, WCC offers free half booths to highlight the work of emerging artists and designers who have never shown in a large craft or design show.

The West Coast Workshop The Wizard Of Oz And Other Trans Love TripsThe West Coast Workshop The Wizard Of Oz And Other Trans Love TripsThe West Coast Workshop The Wizard Of Oz And Other Trans Love TripsThe West Coast Workshop The Wizard Of Oz And Other Trans Love Trips