Mercenaries mercenaries for hire

eh ok samir said "Thanks, I like very much the mod, a zombie addon would be nice aswell, thanks very much" lol:D

Oh and from me: Thanks a lot for this addon!!!:) Ive made several missions with it already, it awesome.
Thanks again.

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Some countries and presidents have protected and supported Syria's criminal regime in Syria for many years. They are involved in crimes against humanity. They have killed and are still killing innocents and children in Syria. Those who do this are people with no emotions, no humanity, no conscience. The innocent people killed by Assad and with him are those who support him and help him from the countries. All of them were killed by the weapons that were given to Assad. All this did not make the criminals stop participating in the crimes against the Syrian people. The Syrian people hope that these criminals will be held accountable and punished in the future.

As a brave soldier, you must prove it by joining a war. They captured our base and we must clear it. Kill all enemies loitering around and be a smart soldier. You can ...

Server List Name Mode Map Players Mercenaries_CW Battle The Arena 0 /60 Mercenaries_EU1 Battle Port Assault 0 /80 Mercenaries_EU2 Siege Jameyyed Castle 0 /100 Mercenaries_EU3 Duel Ahmerrad Arena 0 /20 Mercenaries_RU1 Battle Thrifty Village 0 /100 Mercenaries_RU2 Siege Motte and Bailey 0 /100 Mercenaries_RU3 Duel The Arena 0 /16 Mercenaries_Training TDM Mercenary School 0 /20 SomewhatKnown Battle The Arena 0 /64 Unknown Battle The Arena 0 /64

Mercenaries Mercenaries For HireMercenaries Mercenaries For HireMercenaries Mercenaries For HireMercenaries Mercenaries For Hire