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A : I did see him on an airplane once. I was on an American Airlines flight and I had came from Nashville and they stopped in Memphis, comin' to . from Nashville. They stopped in Memphis. And I was in the tourist section of course with a friend of mine. I was comin' out here to work with Kinky Friedman at the Troubador. And all these people got on and I noticed it was Elvis and Joe Esposito and I forget who all was with him. I think Red West was there, but I didn't get the nerve really to go up and say anything. It was gettin' close to . and then I walked up and I said, 'Hey, Elvis, blah blah blah', and 'Oh, how are you doin', man?' You know, and he was with Linda Thompson at that time. And all the guys were just very friendly. They said hi. They were super guys. And I talked about the skatin' rink incident and of course we laughed about that. And that was it and he was just so polite. You know, just so polite. I always got him in a fairly decent mood, you know.

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At 29, Meryl Streep was grieving for a dead lover, falling for her future husband, and starting work on Kramer vs. Kramer , the movie that would make her a star and ...

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Billy J Kramer The Dakotas Ill Be DoggoneBilly J Kramer The Dakotas Ill Be DoggoneBilly J Kramer The Dakotas Ill Be DoggoneBilly J Kramer The Dakotas Ill Be Doggone