Weather report procession

This is a strange death, isn’t it? I’m suspicious about who killed this police officer. There is a huge reward for information on the killer, but there doesn’t seem to be a clue who the killer is. This is beginning to look like the perfect murder, and I’m suspicious of the Baltimore Police Department. Clearly, one motive for killing him was to stop him from testifying against the accused criminal cops. I wonder if they tested his “Partner” for gunshot residue immediately after the murder?

Spring in the Franschhoek valley brings an added lushness to the greenery of winter as the vines and trees begin to flower and sprout new leaves. In the early spring the cold fronts continue to come and can be particularly cold, as the cold south easterly wind begins to pick up as the fronts move off to the east. These fronts gradually weaken and fade as the sun moves into the southern hemisphere and the days become longer and warmer and drier. Soon it will be summer again, when once again we will long for the Cape Doctor to cool off those very hot days.

"Yesterday we witnessed another senseless act of violence in our community. The shooting of three individuals during a funeral procession was a heinous act that cannot be tolerated. We simply cannot sacrifice our streets and community to this kind of irrational behavior.

Although Roger is shy, this fourth grader is hoping that someone will notice him and make him a part of their family. 

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The Nashville activist group PATHE [People's Alliance for Transit, Housing and Employment] joined students to hold a "funeral procession " march to Mayor Barry's ...

On 1973’s Sweetnighter, Weather Report began to abandon the primarily acoustic group improvisation format, and the band started to take a new direction. Primarily at Zawinul’s instigation, Weather Report became more jazz funk- and groove-oriented, drawing more heavily on R&B influences and dense electric keyboard work while adding more structure to both the prewritten and the improvisational sections. The last song on the album, Shorter’s “Non-Stop Home”, foreshadowed the band’s developing hallmark sound (which would be even more in evidence on their next album).

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Weather Report ProcessionWeather Report ProcessionWeather Report ProcessionWeather Report Procession