Vanity 6 drive me wild single

Five days after the alleged incident, Abner Louima speaks to the press about his ordeal from his bed at Coney Island Hospital.

2 U BOO (OR) -- {from my man}
2B1ASK1 (Ontario) -- {Comment to explain your plate}
2CUTE4U (WV) -- {Comment to explain your plate}
3K3300 (Ontario) -- {Comment to explain your plate}
75MG (Sudbury, Ontario) -- {I own a 75 MG Midget}
911 (BC, British Columbia) -- {}
ABLANGTE (Ontario) -- {means I belong to Glasgow (city where I was born)}
AWSUM-TA (West Virginia, WV) -- {2000 Trans Am }
BEEMIS (Ontario, Ontario) -- {Dogs nickname}
BYTE ME (Lexington, KY) -- {I work with computers}
CHRISHED1 (Nebraska, NE) -- {Comment to explain your plate}
CIRCUS 1 (Georgetown, Ontario) -- {Comment to explain your plate}
COLT 45 (Montana, MT) -- {Comment to explain your plate}
CRAIGER (London, Ontario) -- {It's my nickname and a lot of people would know that it's me.}
DAAAMN (Detroit, MI) -- {My automobile is indescribable...}
DADSGRL (Sebring, FL) -- {read it}
DANYEL (ca, CA) -- {personlized}
DOULKE10 (Toronto, Ontario) -- {10 is favorite number}
DREAMIN (california, CA) -- {Comment to explain your plate}
E4ECHO (Ontario) -- {Toyota Echo}
ECHOEH (Ontario) -- {Toyota Echo}
FAW-KIU (Ontario, Ontario) -- {If you say it out really loud and fast, it pronounces the words "F*CK Y*U"}
FST CAR (St. John's, Newfoundland) -- {For any fast car like a Viper, Ferrari, Lambourghini etc...}
GEOFRY (Brantford, Ontario) -- {My nickname}
GM (Hillsburgh, Ontario) -- {these are my initials and I just love most GM products}
GR8 TOY (Ontario, Canada, Ontario) -- {Seen on a 1967 Black Camaro Convertable!}
GUYSLIE (OK, OK) -- {they all admit it}
HERRGTP (VA) -- {Her Rag Top}
HEY QT (Stittsville, Ontario) -- {I want this on my 1993 , somebody beat me to it.}
HOUDININ (Va Beach, VA) -- {Comment to explain your plate}
I AM GAY (Oklahoma, State or Province) -- {Because I am gay}
I4GET (Vancouver, British Columbia) -- {cool}
I4GOT (New Westminster, British Columbia) -- {I am planning to get this one}
IDLOOK2 (OH, OH) -- {I'd Look Too}
ILOVENY (Oshawa, Ontario) -- {My bestfriend and I are in love with New York and I want to get her this plate for her birthday.}
IMA6D9R (SD) -- {I M A 69 ER}
ITZATRK (Saskatchewan) -- {'Its a truck' for an El Camino. When discussing the vehicle with anyone, it always a dispute whether it is a car or a truck (also the advertisement when they were first made). The provincial license issuer states it is a truck.}
K PAZZA (Toronto, Ontario) -- {i just really like it}
K WHAT (Barrie, Ontario) -- {Comment to explain your plate}
LEONA (SAN DIEGO , CA) -- {Iam a leo, and i love lions}
LIL'CLAIR (Cabot, AR) -- {thats what i like}
LV2PTY (Sebring, FL) -- {Live to party}
MINI ME (Mississauga, Ontario) -- {I own an Austin mini}
MSBHAVN (IL) -- {Comment to explain your plate}
MSBHVN2 (Hamilton, Ontario) -- {My online nickname}
NE14SEX (WA, WA) -- {Well?}
NIKEGUY (Michigan, MI) -- {All I wear is Nike apparel}
OHM (Texas) -- {The name of my Son's Band}
OZZ UM 1 (State/, Ontario) -- {my name}
PKETRKET (North Bay, Ontario) -- {Pocket Rocket (200 VW GTI VR6)}
POHBEAR (London, Ontario) -- {if available poohbear}
POOH (Ottawa, Ontario) -- {It has been my nickname for many years, I was born where Winnie the Pooh was born... in White River, Ontario}
PREDATOR (Ancaster , Ontario) -- {It's the name of my company "A PREDATOR SERVICE"}
RANGERS (Ontario) -- {Comment to explain your plate}
REBL EYS (Montana) -- {Comment to explain your plate}
REDROCK (Montana, MT) -- {Comment to explain your plate}
RM 112 (Ottawa, Ontario) -- {I like it }
RNDS2RN (Toronto, Ontario) -- {I love to run errands!!!!!!}
SHAGUAR (Trumbull County, OH) -- {For my Jaguar}
SKY 777 (Scarborough, Ontario) -- {Comment to explain your plate}
SPF 0 (Ontario) -- {Comment to explain your plate}
SVENSON (NEVADA , NV) -- {Comment to explain your plate}
SXY SADI (VA) -- {Comment to explain your plate}
SYSADMIN (Toronto, Ontario) -- {Major family occupation!!!!}
TAKEMEON (wv, State or Province) -- {}
TOP GUN (Toronto Ontario) -- {I wish to have this plate,-s. I like to have this .}
TURBO Z (Ontario) -- {brand of my car}
ULBBEAT (MS) -- {You will be beat 97 ws6}
UPYRKILT (king, Ontario) -- {up your kilt - for scottish boyfriend}
WATTEVER 4 (Ontario, Ontario) -- {My Favourite Saying}

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Vanity 6 Drive Me Wild singleVanity 6 Drive Me Wild singleVanity 6 Drive Me Wild singleVanity 6 Drive Me Wild single