Snuky tate babylon under pressure

1) Snuky Tate (real name Lionel White) was a NYC no-wave/punk singer in the late 70's/early 80's. He had a short career, but gained a local following on the strength of his singles that are now sort of hard to find. In 1979, Snuky Tate relocated from his native San Francisco to New York and released two 7"s on his own Blackmouth Music, "Who Cares?" and "He's The Groove" aka "He's the Grove"( slang for "He's The… read more

Profile of the performer Snuky Tate : US singer, songwriter, painter and musician. Started in the late 70s as a punk rock artist. His career saw him take on styles from dance to reggae.

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In 1980 ZE Records released his secong single « He’s The Groove » produced by Ron Rongers.

In 1982, he released the « Babylon Under Pressure » LP on Chris Stein's Animal Records.

Snuky Tate dieds in 1998.

“He’s the Groove” plays a part in this next feature, an extremely dope and thoughtful “People Are Trying to Sleep”  mix from William Dunn of Tramp Music  ( @willtramp ) that ranges from Punk, Rock, and Rave to downhome Bboy Funk and some other surprises as well ( Free Download ):