Alexandre monteiro trapiche

Giovanni Lajolo , January 3, 1935
Antonios Naguib , March 18, 1935
Justin Francis Rigali , April 19, 1935
Velasio de Paolis , ., September 19, 1935
Santos Abril y Castelló , September 21, 1935

The experience we have gained in advising the companies and individuals who choose PLMJ as their privileged partner in setting up and developing their businesses in Portugal has brought us a better understanding of the challenges facing those wishing to invest abroad. This experience has also given us motivation to provide support to our existing and future clients in their internationalisation projects.
In just a few years, PLMJ has built up a strong network of joint ventures across Portuguese-speaking countries where synergies are generated by a common language and culture, especially in Angola, Mozambique, Brazil, Macau and Cape Verde. Our network of joint ventures also spreads across the main target markets for Portuguese foreign investment: the countries of Central and Eastern Europe and, more recently, China.

Alexandre Monteiro TrapicheAlexandre Monteiro TrapicheAlexandre Monteiro TrapicheAlexandre Monteiro Trapiche