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They are treated as honored guests and anointed with "the oil of gladness" (cf. Psalm 45:7). To replace their dull spirits they are given mantles of praise. They are to be treated as and they are to become other than the humiliated, fragmented, dispirited and exploitative people that they currently are. Then they will accomplish what is needed and what has been too difficult: rebuilding Jerusalem as a city where righteousness and justice flourish.

Fist-bump of unity for all primary care givers, it’s a hell of a hard job and it takes a LONG time to see the rewards for your efforts.

Prior to Brown winning his second consecutive Emmy, the 41-year-old actor chatted with ET on the red carpet about being a TV heartthrob and what his wife, Ryan Michelle Bathe, thinks of his newfound fame. 

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K Joy Like ThisK Joy Like ThisK Joy Like ThisK Joy Like This