In the nursery witness

The 2008 HMCPSI report ''A second Review of the Role and Contribution of the Crown of the Crown Prosecution Service to the Safeguarding of Children'' gives the following examples of the role of the CPS in safeguarding children:

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Nikki has a very strained relationship with her father, stemming from the fact he practically abandoned her and her mother when she was a child, and never seemed to acknowledge the emotional pain he'd caused her. Nikki eventually revealed the full extent of her feelings to Victor in Series 11; this may have helped Nikki overcome her resentment of Victor somewhat, as by the time he dies in Series 15, Nikki tells Harry that things have been "alright" between them the last couple of years. She initially finds herself unable to grieve over Victor's death, unsure of how to feel over it, but by the end of Death Has No Dominion , she accepts his death and breaks down in tears.

A rainbow of colors dart and dash in our new 3,000-gallon Coral Reef exhibit, open now just past the Sea Turtles exhibit.

Meet more than 30 species of reef fish native to the Indo-Pacific, including brilliantly colored varieties of tangs, triggerfish, wrasses and more.

Displays explain why reef systems are so important to the ocean, yet why they’re also so fragile.

In The Nursery WitnessIn The Nursery WitnessIn The Nursery WitnessIn The Nursery Witness