Linda law nights in white satin all the night

July 13, 2017

ESPY Awards

This barely legal former Disney actress who goes from one part to the next while hoping for a promotion from recurring to main on a big cable hit says she was assaulted last night when this athlete grabbed her butt and told her he would love to see her later. She says she said no and got away quickly but wished she would have stayed to get his name. She just saw him go over to some of his friends and laugh about it.

Madison Pettis

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Actually, he instructed us in the details through Tex. He just told me to do everything Tex said to do. Charlie had control over everybody.

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So Bahamas Celebration has yet to respond, and because of this they will lose accreditation with the BBB. Also another example of their trickery..they tried to create a new Business profile with the BBB under their new company name (which already had a negative review posted..) I contacted the BBB about something else and it turned out they were not allowed to do this as it is misleading to customers..they merged their 2 profiles.

Linda Law Nights In White Satin All The NightLinda Law Nights In White Satin All The NightLinda Law Nights In White Satin All The Night