Marcia if you want my loven

Non-reactive empathy is especially useful when you feel the urge to jump in and fix people, helping them see what they should feel and do instead. This urge might arise from empathy, or you could be judging the person’s beliefs.

3. Take another deep breath and relax so you can listen from your gut. Make sure you are sitting up straight. Take a deeper breath into your belly. Recall a time you felt gutsy and determined in spite of your fear. Remember the moment you moved forward, took action, or spoke your mind. As you inhale, say and feel the word courage . Let the word settle into the core of your body as you exhale. Consider your decision one more time. What points come to the forefront? What is the worst that can happen if the option you take doesn’t work out, really? How likely is the worst to happen? How painful will a failure be? What will you lose if you don’t try? How do these points differ from what arose when you were thinking through you head and heart? Maybe you recognized a real and valid reason for saying no or yes that wasn’t clear before. How does thinking through your gut impact your decision?

Tickets to Fremantle Fashion Collective’s premium runway show are so sought after that when I called the designers to ask some questions, they begged me for the ticketing information so that they could swiftly buy theirs for friends and family haha. This ‘ain’t no media release fodder people, tickets sell out fast!

Keratin and other amino acids (proteins) fill in the gaps between the layers of the cuticle, eliminating frizz and weighing down the hair shaft to smooth out waves or curls.

February 24, 2015 would have been Steve Jobs’ 60th birthday. As Seth Godin points out, “Jobs’ contribution wasn’t invention. Technology breakthroughs didn’t come out of his basement the way they did from Land or Tesla. Instead, his contribution was to have a point of view.” In the spirit of Steve Jobs, let’s name today Make a Ruckus Day, celebrating the man who once said, “I want to put a ding in the universe” and consistently encouraged all of us to make a difference that matters.

Marcia If You Want My LovenMarcia If You Want My LovenMarcia If You Want My LovenMarcia If You Want My Loven