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We have been conducting fundraising events with Collective Goods over the past 8 years [raising] thousands of dollars. Your company has displayed such great effort to offer our employees a great benefit while raising a substantial amount of funds for the good of the hospital.

A Worker cooperative is a type of horizontal collectivism wherein a business functions as a partnership of individual professionals, recognizing them as equals and rewarding them for their expertise. The working collective aims to reduce costs to clients while maintaining healthy rewards for participating partners. This is accomplished by eliminating the operating costs that are needed to support levels of management. [1]

These events all have a mission focus. Please note that they are not all co-ordinated by the London Mission Collective and therefore do not necessarily express the views of the Collective.

Serve delicious cake in style with this Collective Tools cake server from Iittala. Crafted from brushed stainless steel, the Collective Tools are ergonomic yet aesthetic utensils for modern dining that work individually and as a set. Designed by Antonio Citterio with . Löw, this cake server is a welcome addition to any dining setting and is perfect for pairing with complementing pieces available separately from Iittala.

  • Multi-gpu and multi-node communication collectives such as all-gather, all-reduce, broadcast, reduce, reduce-scatter
  • Automatic topology detection to determine optimal communication path
  • Optimized to achieve high bandwidth over PCIe and NVLink high-speed interconnect
  • Support multi-threaded and multiprocess applications
  • Multiple ring formations for high bus utilization
  • Support for InfiniBand verbs, RoCE and IP Socket internode communication

@PrickYourfinga: At tonight's #craftivist stitch-in we talked about what it must be like to be a politician, and how to activate change in our busy lives.

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