Joan bibiloni desembre joana lluna

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Music, I think…but luckily they are compatible loves and I’ve cried for both. I remember once that a technician mistakenly deleted a piece of a song that I had found especially inspired. I knew it was unrepeatable. It was wonderful, emotionally speaking. So, I started to cry. And the last time I cried was recently in front of a mare. For me animals, the horses … while I can, I’ll live surrounded by them. They are a marvel. Also, now all the ones that I have, have been born here, in my house. They add a very important peculiarity for me: they make me dream, be very ethereal, and volatile, but at the same time they make me have my feet on the ground. This combination is very large. Flying with your feet on the ground.

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While the Emirate of Córdoba reinforced its influence upon the Mediterranean, Al-Andalus increased its interest in the city. The consequence of this was the substitution of the submission treaty for the effective incorporation of the islands to the Islamic state. A squad under the command of Isam al-Jawlani took advantage of instability caused by several Viking incursions and disembarked in Majorca, and after destroying any resistance, incorporated Majorca, with Palma as its capital, to the Córdoban state.

Likewise, the population is subject to certain pathologies of genetic origin, such as Familial Mediterranean fever , [3] shared with the Sephardi Jews and a high frequency of iron overload particular to that community. [4]

Joan Bibiloni Desembre Joana LlunaJoan Bibiloni Desembre Joana LlunaJoan Bibiloni Desembre Joana LlunaJoan Bibiloni Desembre Joana Lluna