Black uruhu sun is shining

Uluru is dominantly composed of coarse-grained arkose (a type of sandstone characterized by an abundance of feldspar ) and some conglomerate . [6] [11] Average composition is 50% feldspar, 25–35% quartz and up to 25% rock fragments; most feldspar is K-feldspar with only minor plagioclase as subrounded grains and highly altered inclusions within K-feldspar. [6] The grains are typically 2–4 millimetres (– in) in diameter, and are angular to subangular; the finer sandstone is well sorted , with sorting decreasing with increasing grain size . [6] The rock fragments include subrounded basalt , invariably replaced to various degrees by chlorite and epidote . [6] The minerals present suggest derivation from a predominantly granite source, similar to the Musgrave Block exposed to the south. [10] When relatively fresh, the rock has a grey colour, but weathering of iron-bearing minerals by the process of oxidation gives the outer surface layer of rock a red-brown rusty colour. [6] Features related to deposition of the sediment include cross-bedding and ripples , analysis of which indicated deposition from broad shallow high energy fluvial channels and sheet flooding, typical of alluvial fans . [6] [10]

The concept of the black body is an idealization, as perfect black bodies do not exist in nature. [15] Graphite and lamp black , with emissivities greater than , however, are good approximations to a black material. Experimentally, black-body radiation may be established best as the ultimately stable steady state equilibrium radiation in a cavity in a rigid body, at a uniform temperature, that is entirely opaque and is only partly reflective. [15] A closed box of graphite walls at a constant temperature with a small hole on one side produces a good approximation to ideal black-body radiation emanating from the opening. [16] [17]

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