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Kip Moore Drops by ‘NASH Nights Live.’   Country artist Kip Moore (center) poses for a pic with “NASH Nights Live” hosts Elaina Smith (left) and Shawn Parr (right).  Moore stopped by the show to talk about “everything from his latest single to Halloween.”  Parr and Smith are decked out in the pink they were wearing to a breast cancer awareness event.

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Another causality characteristic, shared by Karmic theories, is that like deeds lead to like effects. Thus good karma produces good effect on the actor, while bad karma produces bad effect. This effect may be material, moral or emotional — that is, one's karma affects one's happiness and unhappiness. [20] The effect of karma need not be immediate; the effect of karma can be later in one's current life, and in some schools it extends to future lives. [22]

Months passed; and O-Tsuyu, little imagining the true cause of Shinzaburô's neglect, believed that her love had been scorned. Then she pined away, and died. Soon afterwards, the faithful servant O-Yoné also died, through grief at the loss of her mistress; and the two were buried side by side in the cemetery of Shin-Banzui-In,--a temple which still stands in the neighborhood of Dango-Zaka, where the famous chrysanthemum-shows are yearly held.