Breeding ground tales of adventure

This is a short work of erotic fiction containing furry, or anthropomorphic, characters, which are animals that either demonstrate human intelligence or walk on two legs, for the purposes of these tales. It is a thriving and growing fandom in which creators are prevalent in art and writing especially.


The Breeding Games were renowned for never allowing a female to leave their set without being knocked up, though no one had yet found out if that was also true for staff and crew as well. Sure, the contestants knew what they were getting into and the staff members were suspiciously dominated by males, furries of all species scurrying back and forth as they tried to get to their jobs as swiftly as possible. After all, the show was going live and there was only so much time to be had.

The show did not differentiate between species or gender -- except where applicable for the 'slots' to be filled on the game -- and all were welcomed, so the crowd watching from live viewing platforms and from the comfort of their own homes never knew quite what they were going to see on any given day. As it was, the females that they released at different points in the 'arena' were a beautiful mix indeed, ranging from an Appaloosa mare and a spunky Anubian jackal who joked to one another in a comradely fashion before entering to a feline taur that walked as if the ground beneath her was going to crumble away at any moment.

And then the game was on and there was no time to chatter! It was every female for themselves in The Breeding Games with only the winner, if there even was one, escaping the clutches of the breeding studs without their seed trickling from their cunts. Of course, none of them were permitted clothes in the arena; that would have just been an added inconvenience and expense for their poor, needy studs who had been kept denied for too long.

And didn't they deserve some fun too? A warm body into which to dump their load and saunter off, knowing that their job was good and done?

Yet their victims were not all as willing as they would have imagined.

Koryelro, or Kory, as she was known as to her friends, trotted down the empty city street, her feline taur body weaving between parked cars. Whoever had thought that an apocalyptic setting was appropriate to the event had been surely barking up the wrong tree! What was sexy about death and destruction, the end of furry-kind as all knew it? The taur furry squeezed with difficulty between two trucks, parked at an awkward angle that a normal anthro fur would have had no trouble getting between at all.

"Damn this," she muttered to herself as she squeezed her brown and black fur through another gap, struggling to get into a more open, friendly space. "

A dirty smear rubbed down her front and the feline wrinkled her nose at the dirt, resisting the urge to brush it off. She'd only be filthy again in a moment, she was sure. And that wasn't the name of the game anyway, to stay clean. The game was to win and not be found.

Tucking herself into the wall of the buildings, windows devoid of glass yawning with gaping, black mouths above her head, Kory swallowed a whimper, panic fluttering up in her chest. She should never have joined the stupid games to begin with! Just what had she been thinking?

" Psssst!"

Kory stiffened, tail fluffing up like a pine tree. Slowly, hardly daring to look, she glanced to the right, barely catching a glimpse of a small, black shape before yanking her head back around.

The shape jerked and ducked out of sight -- too swift for her to determine whether they were friend or foe. Blood roared in her ears and she saw, in her mind's eye, the rampant male chasing her, forcing her to bend to his will and cramming her full of his shaft, breeding her, impregnating her.

Her breath caught in her throat, stuck there until she gulped it back down and strove to contain her racing heart. It wasn't an entirely bad thought to be so taken, that traitorous little voice in the back of her head said. To waddle around with a litter of kittens, to have that experience of being bred by a real male...

No! She shook herself! That was just her heat talking, she couldn't think like that! She'd been reckless in joining -- all she had to do was avoid capture and get out.

Rounding on the strange fur, only visible in the form of a pair of quivering ears poking above the frame of a broken car window, Koryelro gave her best, feline hiss, back arching wickedly.

"Who are you?" She hissed, teeth bared in a feline grimace as her heart pounded wildly. "Show yourself! Or are you too much of a coward to get out here in the open with me?"

"Keep your hair on, would ya?"

The owner of the voice stepped out from behind a parked car, ears pricked and to attention. Kory relaxed, though only marginally. She was still in the games, after all, and, although the small, black jackal didn't seem of any size to pose a threat, she could still be bait.

Raising an eyebrow, the jackal, nude from head to paw, lifted her paws out to either side of her body.

"Look, nothing on me, no threat," she said, plainly flapping her arms about. "But two do better than one."

Kory raised her eyebrows.

"Do they now?"

"Yes," the jackal said firmly. "Didn't you watch earlier episodes of the games? You've seen how they win."

She stalked up to the crouched and rumbling feline with not a drop of fear. Kory growled, tongue fluttering pink in her mouth as she dragged in harsh, needy breaths. The jackal sighed softly and held out her paw as if she was approaching a wild animal.

"Ahmenset," she said, by way of introducing herself. "But there's not much time for pleasantries at the moment."

Kory straightened, taking a step back.

"I'd say not."

Ahmenset raised an eyebrow, lips just barely tugging up on one side.

"You haven't told me your name yet."

Raking the line of 'abandoned' cars in the street with her eyes, Kory could have strangled her.

"Do you really think there's time for chit-chat here?" She snarled, lips drawing back from her pointed teeth. "Kory! Will that do?"

The jackal shrugged.

"Well enough. Nice to know who I'm buddying up with."

"And who said I'm buddying up with anyone?" Kory narrowed her eyes, tail lashing. "You could be part of a trap laid to catch me, make sure you get out of here scot free while I'm the one fucked and bred!"

Chuckling, the jackal held up her paws, fingers waggling as if to soothe the frantic feline. Kory stared at her with her jaw slack, her own fingers bunching up into a fist. Just what was the crazy dog playing at, laughing in the middle of the arena? Did she want to get fucked? Or was it all some big joke here.

Her words, when they came, were hardly illuminating.

"Oh, that's not why I'm here, don't get me wrong. But --"

The jackal stopped short, snapping her head to the right. For a moment, Kory furrowed her brow, half-reaching out to her temporary comrade -- for that was the best that they could be in the confines of the breeding arena -- and then the sound hit her too. Beneath the fur of her muzzle, her skin turned white, blood rushing from her extremities as her fingers and toes tingled. Reflexively she clenched them, ears twitching back and forth as fear closed its jaws around her throat.

The baying of hounds... She was no fox, but that sound could only mean one thing and one thing alone. Her pulse stood out from her neck, barely concealed by her fur and she lunged wildly for the jackal, standing rooted in place with her eyes bulging out of her skull

Was that her tongue lolling from her lips? Kory growled and spun the jackal around, fear giving her strength. There was something wrong with the dog, but she wasn't so much of a bitch that she'd up and leave her either! In the not so far off distance, a dog howled, thirsty for something other than blood. Unconsciously, she squeezed down with her pussy on...nothing.

No! No thoughts like that! On! Move!

"They're coming!"

Kory shoved Ahmenset between the shoulder blades, driving her forward through brute force as the dog still refused to go forward, as immobile as a statue.

"Get going!" She yowled, ears slanted back. "Unless you want to get on all fours and lift your tail for them -- you can be my guest there!"

Ahmenset laughed, throwing her head back as she sprang alongside the larger taur, hind paws pounding the pavement. With surprising ease, she hurled her body into motion, darting through spaces that Kory couldn't have even imagined fitting through as her tail whipped back and forth. Though she did not get far enough away for the feline to not catch her reckless words, practically carried to her ears on the wind.

"The fun is in being chased!"

Kory flicked her ears, but the jackal was gone, tearing down the street with speed the taur briefly envied. She was far from athletic and briefly regretted not taking up something more fitness related in her life than scoffing cake after work. The feline yowled, berating herself a moment later for giving away her position. The hounds bayed and yelped, calling out obscenities as they closed in, paws pounding the pavement.

She did not dare look back at her pursuers.

Every moment seemed to stretch out as they fled, driving themselves mindlessly away from the threat of impregnation that they had willingly entered into. There was no stopping the fight or flight instinct once it had started and only the absence of the threat would call their paws to a halt, hearts pounding and lungs heaving for breath that could only be regained in stillness in peace.

Yet there was no calmness to be had as they tore down street after street, grit digging into the pads of their bare paws, pounding the road and leaping over cars with trembling legs. Kory whimpered, or at least she thought she did -- she couldn't really hear herself through the gasping, desperate breaths. Her legs ached and, lungs burning with every breath, she could not go on. Ahmenset stumbled.

But they had to keep going. And going. There was no stopping when their pursuers...

...were not actually so close after all.

Slowing her pace, Kory listened intently, ducking down a side street that seemed to have been artfully strewn with rubbish. As if the designer had not quite known whether to design the road as a back alley or a little side street where families may have lived, it was a hodge-podge mix of both. Ahmenset laughed breathlessly, bending over with her paws on her knees.

"Woo-hoo, what a ride!" She gasped out, her cheer more of a whisper than a jubilant cry. "Did you... Wow!"

Kory sucked in breath after breath, staying as quiet as possible. The canine buzzed with adrenaline, dancing from paw to paw as she tried to find the least sore spot possible. A shape stepped beneath a street lamp at the end of the street. Even though it was barely twilight, the light buzzed and flickered into life, half illuminating an ominous, lengthy body.

Kory froze.

"Hello down there. Mind if I join you?"

A sinuous, blue feline taur -- just like her! -- stepped completely into the light and padded down the street as if she already knew where she was going. Her hair hung down past her shoulders and she strode out confidently, every inch of her oozing presence. It was all Kory could do to not stare. Could any taur have been more beautiful?

Or perhaps spoken more sweetly?

"It's frightful out here," she purred, putting her ears back and appearing suddenly bashful. "I don't know why I got into these games in the first place."

Kory's heart leapt. A taur -- and one bigger and stronger than her too! Now that was exactly what she needed on her side!

"Oh, thank god!" Kory stepped forward, her feline tail lifting gently in welcome. "I thought we were the only two left in the game." She smiled warmly, a purr setting her whiskers quivering. "It's a relief to know that there are still others around."

The grey feline, striped through with blue, smiled pleasantly and trotted up to her, her whole body rippling as she put her muscles to work. They pushed and pulled beneath her fur and Kory caught her breath, briefly struck by how beautiful she was. Why, she didn't even look like she'd been traipsing around the apocalyptic arena for hours on end at all!

"Is it now?" The feline taur purred, blonde hair lifting from her shoulders as the breeze picked up. "Well, I hope I am only good company for the two of you." She peered around, lips pursed. "This really is a ghastly place."

The jackal giggled and clapped her paws over her muzzle, standing on her tiptoes to peer up at the larger taur.

"Wow, you're really tall," she giggled, taking a step back to take her in. "I thought Koryelro here was a big girl, but you... Wow!"

Kory rolled her eyes.

"I think you need to shush. All this running has gone to your head." She flicked her tail at the sidewalk beside them. "Why don't you park yourself for a bit? You've got the two of us to look out for you."

Ahmenset flapped her paws and made a sound of disgust, tongue poking out from between her lips.

"Oh, stop your worrying, you. There's not a thing wrong with me."

Pausing, the Anubian Jackal leaned forward, squinting at the new blue taur as she stepped into the light.

"Say, were you in the holding area?" She asked, tilting her head to the side.

With her ears flopped like so, the little jackal couldn't have looked more innocent and, not for the first time, Kory wondered why someone like her would volunteer for the games in the first place. Wasn't she too young? Too fragile? Too pure? But that wasn't her choice to make. The blue taur pulled a hair tie from her wrist and held it between her teeth as she pulled her hair back.

"There's a couple of holding areas," she mumbled through the tie. "Didn't you know that? It's no fun for the audience, apparently, if we all just get let go at once."

Securing her long hair back in a ponytail, she grinned, showing her teeth. Ahmenset shook her head, the jackal's ears folding back. Kory tilted her head. Just what was up with that dog? Only a minute ago, she'd been bouncing around as if she'd had far too much sugar forced down her throat!

"Right..." The Anubian jackal murmured, shaking her head slowly. "Of course. I forgot. But what did you say your name was again? I must have missed it."

The taur puffed out her chest, breasts drooping down gently under the effect of gravity. Without thinking, Kory lifted her paws to her own, protecting her nipples as if suddenly reminded that she too was rudely exposed.

"I'm Bluestripe," she said, flicking her ponytail back from her shoulders. "And I think you're going to remember my name, darlings." She smirked. "You're going to remember my name for a long, long time."

Kory scowled.

"You're not going to win this, if that's what you're thinking."

The taur's only response was to chuckle and shake her head slowly, stalking up to the slightly smaller feline and circling her languidly. Kory turned to follow her, her eyes on the dip and sway of her body, longer than hers by at least a foot. Her eyes narrowed as Ahmenset picked up a crowbar from the crowd, surely planted there by the game masters.

Something isn't right here.

"My, my, aren't you a pretty little thing?" Bluestripe purred, rubbing herself along the length of Koryelro's body and back again. "You really do look..." She licked her lips. "Just ripe for the taking."

Blinking, Kory stepped back.

"What do you mean? Take what?" She frowned. "That better not be a joke about the games! This is more than I bargained for and I'm going to be the one to get out of here without getting fucked!"

Bluestripe smirked and turned on her, one eyebrow raised. Her tail flicked, a sinuous weave back and forth that Ahmenset's eyes could not help but follow.

"Then why are you wet and aching for me already, sweetie?"

Kory jerked.


But it was too late: the taur was already upon her. Using her larger bulk and size to her advantage, the feline launched herself at her with a yowl, teeth bared and tail lashing. Kory shrieked and scrabbled at the tarmac, claws failing to find purchase as the harsh surface cut up her pads. Screaming at Ahmenset to run, she lost sight of the little jackal as Bluestripe slammed into her, driving her down to the ground and knocking all sense of breath from her body.

And then Kory knew with a sickening twist in her stomach that the other taur had not been her friend at all. Her attempts at friendliness had been false, ringing through with lies that had only been set to get her to her end game.

Kory's cheek pressed into the tarmac and eager paws yanked her buttocks up, putting her in the perfect breeding position as she wheezed, grit clinging to her lips. The other feline purred lustfully and ran her paws down her body, allowing just the tips of her claws to rake through Kory's fur -- a little warning of what was to come if she, of course, was to struggle. Kory mewled helplessly, hind legs splayed too far apart to kick out as something hard and unyielding pressed up under her tail. Her eyes widened.

For the female that she had thought was an ally was not a she, but a shi.

"Run, Ahmenset! Run!"

She screamed, though there was not much she could do to help her temporary ally.

"Oh, how cute," the hermaphrodite chuckled throatily, taking a handful of Kory's white hair and yanking it back sharply. "You think you can save her? I'll fuck that tight little cunt of hers next."

Shi laughed cruelly, digging in hir claws as Kory yowled.

"You, at least, darling, are built to take my size. She will be such a stretch. I do hope you enjoy watching, cutie-slut."

Bluestripe paused, cock grinding up through the fur on the taur's buttocks, playing at seeking her entrance when Kory knew shi'd already found what shi was looking for. It was all just a game to hir.

"And getting fucked until you can't walk straight," shi added with a hiss, twisting the fingers of one paw more tightly into Kory's hair. "I hope you're not ready."

Kory's lips parted, paws scrabbling, but there was no way to escape. The heavier hermaphrodite's body pinned her down as shi stabbed in brutally, piercing her open too roughly to be pleasurable. Her folds were not prepared for such a crude entry and Kory screeched, driving her torso up from the road as she fought and failed to brace. Her fur roughed up the wrong away as she hauled herself up to the background noise of the herm's mocking laughter, grinding and humping until shi'd buried nearly half of hir smooth shaft inside her breeding bitch's barely ready snatch.

"There, there, kitty," shi crooned, petting Kory's head as if she was a domestic feline curled up in her lap. "You'll get your fill. Just keep making those lovely noises for me."

Shi hissed in Kory's ear, pulling her head back all the way to expose the creamy-white of her throat.

"I do love when you squeal!"

Kory's shoulder slammed into the tyre of a car as shi jerked up and around, failing to throw the hermaphrodite taur off even as she pressed her chest down over the car bonnet, taking the offered support where it was allowed. Cock stretching her breeding kitty out, shi yowled and forced in another couple of inches, seeming to always have more and more to give. Even as she howled, seeking freedom, a ripple of lust thrummed through Kory's body.

And yet she couldn't succumb to the pleasure that her mind dared her to release.

"Please -- don't!" Kory cried, though she had no real hope of being heard. "You don't have to do this to me!"

Bluestripe paused, stroking hir jaw as shi pretended to consider her victim's words.

"I don't... But I adore it all the same."

Puckering hir lips, shi blew Kory a wet kiss and moaned as shi slammed in, forcing Kory's body to accept hir. And, against her will, Kory's body rippled with need, that driving shaft tugging and pulling at something deep inside that made her passage slicken, lubricating itself for the rapist she'd invited in simply by joining the games. Nostrils flared and breath rasping, Kory moaned and submitted, pressing her muzzle down against the car bonnet. For what else could she do but bear through her fucking and subsequent impregnation? At least she'd be having taur kittens when the games were good and done.

There were no new clothes given to prisoners whose clothing was often falling to pieces. In some cases, clothes were taken from the dead. John McElroy, a prisoner at Andersonville, recalls "Before one was fairly cold his clothes would be appropriated and divided, and I have seen many sharp fights between contesting claimants." [11]

The girl dutifully goes to live with Cobra Commander and finds that her every need is met. However, she is miserably lonely, because there's nobody else in the entire castle except for her and the snake, and snakes are notoriously bad hosts. To make matters worse, each night the snake monster gradually moves his bed closer to hers , like a vicious bonershark circling a capsized yacht.

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A Ninetales appeared in All Things Bright and Beautifly! , under the ownership of a Pokémon Coordinator competing in the Rustboro Contest .

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