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Goodrum’s dictum comes with plenty of career kudos to back his talent. He left hometown Hot Springs, AR , in the mid ‘60s to major in piano at Hendrix College in Conway, AR . He also attended Boston’s acclaimed Berklee School Of Music on a Down Beat Magazine scholarship. Inherently a talented jazz player, Goodrum reeled in his improvisational style and developed into a lyricist known for conjuring up memorable melodies.

Winner in You received average reviews from critics. Ron Wynn on Allmusic gave the album three out of five stars. [15] Wynn claims this is the album that made LaBelle's solo career. He enjoys the songs "Oh, People" and "Kiss Away the Pain", which he believed needed to chart higher on the Billboard Top 40. Robert Christgau gave the album a B, [16] praising the duet with Michael McDonald as well as LaBelle's singing abilities. Christgau also compliments her and her family's songwriting abilities. He believes this is how LaBelle became a multi-platinum solo artist. Christgau did not like the earlier part of the album, claiming she "doesn't start out with such surefire goods". Overall, he says the "beats and tunes kick in till you could care less what organ she's singing through." Kim Farber of Billboard gave the album a mixed review, [17] claiming it to be inconsistent. He believes album was not a "hands-down winner so many anticipated," saying how none of the fast tracks have a "jump." Ferber, although, praises her singing ability and says that is the only thing that saved the album. He said the ballads were well written, and enjoyed "On My Own", saying the song is "something real" and likes the song "Oh, People" even more.

Tamboer, Lena
Taylor, Anne Marie
Taylor, Dorothy
Taylor, Douglas
Taylor, Jim
Taylor, Patricia
Teach, Wendy
Telfair, Laurie
Temple, Terry
Thacker, Delbert
Thompson, Donavon
Thompson, Catherine
Thornton, Debra
Tilka, Linda
Timby, Fr. Bryan U
Ulloa, Patricia
Underwood, Marjorie
Usherwood, Willam

Van Vleit, Marilyn
Van Camp, Neena
Vandiver, Bob
Verdon, Deborah
Vernuccio, Joseph
Vice, Darryl
Vickers-Smith, Lorene
Vics, Beverly
Vilas, Sally
Virosteck, Julie
Vogel, Frederick
Voran, Bruce
Voran, Judy W

Walton, Joe C
Warren, Jill
Way, Candace Wendling, Phil
Weyrich, Rick
Wilkins, Deborah
Williams, Henry/Hank
Willhauck, Paul
Willhauck, Wendy
Williquette, Minta/Mike
Wilson, Margaret
Wilson, Pamela
Wire, Robert
Wolfish, Phyllis
Wood, Barbara/Bobbie X
Yates, Thomas
Young, Gale
Zarifis, James
Zielinski, Joan

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2016 Inductees. Jesus “Jessie” Adamez Player, St. Paul Nancy Anderson Player, Anoka Marlin Boom Player/Meritorious Service, Ellsworth

Mike Beske Pitcher, Minneapolis
Charles Engler Pitcher, St. James
Les Ernster Infielder, Rochester
Kathy Fraser Shortstop, Bloomington
Nancy Garbett Pitcher, Anoka
Joseph “Dutz” Junker Outfielder, Stillwater/Scandia
Gary Lunz Player/Coach, Mankato
Joe & Leora Mulder Organizers/Promotors, Montevideo
Jared Odden Catcher, Anoka/Coon Rapids
Eldred “Bud” Ode Infielder, Lake Park
Roy Price Infielder, Minneapolis
Joe Sinnott Catcher, Duluth
Jon Speake Player/Coach/Organizer/Promoter, Hastings
Dick Taylor Manager/Promoter, Bloomington/Farmington
Cindy “Cy” Yess Coach/Organizer, Rochester

My granddaughters Anita and Mitsi, daughter-in-law Pam, and son Corky on the night that Mitsi graduated with her Master's Degree

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