Ad cardinaal blue comets sag doch ja zu mir

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Circus Custers
Circus Kraaijeveld > Kraaijeveld
Circus Stupido
City & State > Evert August Nieuwstede
City Light > The Citylights
City Rousers
City Theater Orkest, Het
Citylights, The
Civilians, De
Clair, Ricky   (info gezocht)
Claire & Hermien > Hermien Timmerman
Clan, The
Clark, Ritchie > The Ricochets
Clarks, The (Den Haag)
Clarks, The (Haarlem)
Classics, The
Claw Boys Claw
Cleber, Jos
Clicheemannetjes, De > Kees van Kooten & Wim de Bie
Clifters, The
Clique, La
Clop & The Daybreak, J.
Close Call, A > Star Inc.
Clover Leaf
Clungels, The
Cnoops, Pierre
Cocktail Sisters, The
Cocktail Trio, Het
Cococlub (info gezocht)
Cohen, Chris
Coldside Trio/Duo    
Colmjon, Godert van
Colombe, Fleur >  Floortje Klomp
Combo Alma Loorbach
Combo Gill Martin > Gill Martin
Combo Knus & Gezellig
Combo Wil de Bras > Wil de Bras
Comedian Troubadours, The
Comedown, The
Comets, The (Delfzijl)
Comets, The (Eindhoven)
Comets Skiffle Group, The
Coming Stars, The  
Communie-Capers, The
Competitors, The
Con Amour
Con Forza
Conard, Eddie
Condors, The
Confetti Combo
Connie > Vanessa
Connie & SW Selection > Conny
Conny   (info gezocht)
Conquest   (info gezocht)
Continental Uptight Band
Cook, Peter
Coolen, Peter
Coopers, The
Coppens, Thera
Corbijn, Kees/Cees > Kees Korbijn
Corduwener, Jan
Corduwener, Robbie
Corina (info gezocht)
Corinna & Angelique > Corinna van Elteren
Corino's, De
Corita, Rita
Cornell, Jacky
Corner Act '68
Corona Trio, Het
Corona's, De (info gezocht)
Corona's, Duo De
Corrie & Giel > Giel Kottelaar
Corrie & Jo, Duo
Corrina (info gezocht)
Corry & De Mixers > Corry
Corry & De Rekels
Corte, Jules de
Cosmic Dealer
Costa, . da
Costa, (George) La
Coster & Tanya, Jay
Cosy Corner Street Paraders, The
Cotton, Larry
Countdown All Star Band
Country Fair
Country Peter > Peter Smulders
Country Singers, The
Country Square
Couvreur, Ger
Cowboy Gerard
Cowboy Hein
Cowboy Jan
Cowboy Johnny > Johnny Hoes
Cox, Gerard
Craamer, Ellen
Crabtown Three, The
Craenen, Michelle > Mickey Key
Cramer, Ben
Crazy Cats, The > Hank the Knife & The Jets
Crazy Rockers, The
Crazy Strangers, The > The Javalins
Creemers, Bart
Cremer, Jan
Crescents, The > Danny Angel & The Crescents
Crickets, The > De Heikrekels
Crisisbrekers, De > Johnny Blenco
Crisito's, The
Crockett & Jones
Crocksons, The > Bassie & Adriaan
Crocodile Smile
Croix, Bert La > Bertje Béla
Crompvoets, Hay
Cross, Jack
Crossman, Rudie
Crown   (info gezocht)
Crown's Clan
Cruches, Les
Cruyff, Johan
Crwths, The
Crying Wood > Geebros
Crystal Palace
. > Continental Uptight Band
Cuby + Blizzards
Cupido's, De > De Heidezangers
Curly, Alexander
Curtie & The Boombox

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Eddyville-Blakesburg-Fremont senior . McCrea, seated next to his mother, Karey, signed his national letter of intent on Wednesday to play baseball and attend college next season at Allen Community College in Kansas. Also pictured (standing left to right) are McCrea's father, Brian, EBF he…

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Can you name the Balkan leader who has been in high office longer than Alexander Lukashenko of Belarus? If not, I'll do it for you. In Montenegro, Milo Djukanovic has held power and just about every high-level post there is over the past quarter century. Now he's considering running for the presidency. There is usually only one reason for a politician to not want to give up the reins of power — the risk of being prosecuted for corruption. Sometimes the rabbit hole is just too deep.

The opening act was STARZ and I remember the big hair, glam suits and the song Cherry Baby which was getting a lot of air play on KISS FM. Oh, and I remember laughing my ass off when the lead singer was crooning on the edge of the stage and got hit the face by a hot dog. He flips the crowd off and everyone busts out laughing.