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In the full-size EDC knife category, its our belief that Spyderco’s folding knives just can’t compete with the likes of larger, better-built folders from brands like Cold Steel, Benchmade, or Zero Tolerance. But Spyderco knives have their place in your everyday carry and really shine in the keychain knives category.

I have heard people having good luck with rye flour. I have experimented with rye flour rinses a little bit and like it. But I haven’t tried it for getting coconut oil out of my hair. Here’s one article but more come up in a google search http:///2014/02/testing-diy-shampoos-rye-

In this episode we discuss his keynote from the O'Reilly Software Architecture Conference in London , which took place in October 2016.

Back in July, Cheryl told the police that Jason's drowned, but come to find out he was shot, leaving Tina and Ginger to question Cheryl on the validity of her account of the incident. Cheryl is frustrated with their insinuation that she was involved in her brother's dead. Cheryl tells Tina and Ginger what she told the police; that they both fell into the water, and that while she made it to the shore, he didn't. She speculates that he could've made it to the other end, and was shot then. During their class assignment, Archie volunteers to be partnered with Cheryl as Veronica does Betty, which forces Kevin to pair with Moose, a pairing in which he isn't too excited about. Moose is hoping that the two of them can arrange another get-together on Saturday. However, Kevin declines his offer. Despite Moose's physical attractiveness, he has too many demons. Kevin tells him it's better if Moose sticks with what he knows best, which is girls.

Please note that the info provided above refers to the torso size the pack will fit, and NOT any dimensions of the pack. Below are some steps for how to get your torso length. You should have someone help take this measurement for you so it is accurate.

• Start at the iliac crest, which is the top of the hipbones on the side of your body. These act like a shelf for supporting a pack hipbelt.
• From this level on your spine, measure to the C7 vertebrae, the knobby bone at the base of your neck when you put your head down.
• Make sure you keep your back as straight as possible while measuring.
• This torso measurement determines what size Osprey pack you should carry. Refer to the size chart above to find your ideal size.
• If you are in between sizes, it is ideal to try them both on before ordering.

• Measure around your hips at your iliac crest, NOT your waist.
• A properly fitted hipbelt rides centered over the hipbones and needs to be very snug.
• The padded portion should wrap well around your hips, leaving a gap of 3 to 6 inches between the tips of the both hip pads when securely tightened.
• Refer to the Hipbelt size info above to help determine your ideal pack size, but again, your torso length is what should determine your pack size, NOT the hipbelt.

Moose Loose TransitionMoose Loose TransitionMoose Loose TransitionMoose Loose Transition