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Omar Mateen unwittingly chose the very day on which God first proclaimed “Thou shalt not murder” to carry out his barbaric executions.

Picture Story 1: Emergency! View the picture story . Health literacy issues: access to care; availability of low or no-cost health care for low-income uninsured cost ...

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A man feels pain symptoms in June, but ignores them because he doesn't have insurance and feels he can't afford medical care without it. A female acquaintance suggests that he see a doctor, but he repeatedly refuses to because of his concern about the cost. Six months after his pain starts, he is taken to the emergency room by ambulance because his condition has worsened. A month later, he is still in bed, faced with a large hospital bill which he doesn't know how he will pay.

Yes the perpetrators and particularly the men who resist the urge to act on their desires also need to be part of the conversation. This needs a much braver soul than mine or even yours.
I think perhaps the stress and uncertainty of modern life contributes to the progressive earlier onset of puberty, sad we have to warn our children out of the innocence that childhood should be but it is that innocence that is the main attraction and also puts them at greater risk.

Regardless of how this turns out, I for one am really looking forward to the opportunities that lay ahead in 2018.  That certainly does not mean I expect to uncover and ride the next new “hot” market bubble, but I do believe it will be a transitional year in which the previous high flyers, who like Icarus are already reaching dangerously close to the sun and are destined to return to earth, and those markets that have been living in the depths, covered both physically and allegorically by mounds and mounds of supply, will reemerge.

Picture Every Story Needs Another PicturePicture Every Story Needs Another PicturePicture Every Story Needs Another PicturePicture Every Story Needs Another Picture