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Organization(s): BNSF Railway Co., CGI Technologies & Solutions, Inc , Charter, Intralot, Rocky Mountain Power, Tesoro Companies, Inc., Verizon,

Patrick Brookes is chosen as Mr Leather Australia at Stranded nightclub. He will represent Australia at the International Leather Contest in Chicago.

Using the guidance of my campaign staff and consultants, we came up with the idea for a “dog whistle” ad, a message that was pitched in such a way that it would be heard only by a certain group of people. I told my team we needed to put Akin’s uber-conservative bona fides in an ad—and then, using reverse psychology, tell voters not to vote for him. And we needed to run the hell out of that ad.

“The opinions of individual faculty members ​exercising their personal free speech rights do not represent the positions of the University of Hawaii,” said Dan Meisenzahl, spokesman for the university, in an email to TheDCNF. “Furthermore, the University of Hawaii prohibits discrimination against students and employees based on gender, ethnicity and/or religion, which is also stated plainly in our policies. Any report of discrimination will be investigated and addressed in accordance with our policies and procedures.”

The Muthoot Group’s St. George’s School, Alakananda, New Delhi has been awarded the third position as per the ‘All India Audit’ under the Eco-Club Activities by the Directorate of Education in collaboration with the Green Schools Programme.

1961 A. Scott Crossfield (1921 – 2006) An American naval officer and test pilot. 1960 piloted the first flight of the X-15. In 1953, he became the first pilot to fly at twice the speed of sound. He flew nearly all of the experimental aircraft under test at Edwards, including the X-1, XF-92, X-4, X-5, Douglas D-558-I Skystreak and the Douglas D-558-II Skyrocket. He remained at North American as systems director of test and quality assurance in the company's Space and Information Systems Division where he oversaw quality, reliability engineering and systems test activities for such programs as the Apollo command and service modules and the Saturn II booster.

Senate Piper ClubSenate Piper ClubSenate Piper ClubSenate Piper Club