No way breaking point

Theirs is a high-profile marriage for obvious reasons but Jerry Buttimer and Conchobar Ó Laoghaire’s wedding in Cork today is primarily a celebration of their love for each other.

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Since The Bash , Kane and The Great Khali had been in constant conflict, taking turns interfering in each other's matches, blindsiding each other, or, in Kane's case, avoiding Khali. [15] [16] To get Khali's attention and the upper hand, Kane kidnapped his adversary's translator and storyline brother, Ranjin Singh, before their match at SummerSlam, which was won by Kane. [17] [18] Khali continued after Kane following the show, leading to the announcement of a match between the two with legal use of a Singapore cane . [19]

That means just lay it all on the line. God, here it is! Here is how I feel, the good, the bad, and the ugly. I am stressed, frustrated, irritated, angry, and perhaps depressed.

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No Way Breaking PointNo Way Breaking PointNo Way Breaking PointNo Way Breaking Point