The telepaths frozen darling must i perform

The Wraith were actually created around nine hundred years before Atlantis was abandoned. In an effort to make themselves immortal in case they couldn't Ascend , the Ancients began experimenting on transforming themselves into immortal beings. On a frozen planet , the Ancients built a facility where they experimented on one hundred male and one hundred female test subjects taken from around the galaxy while creating a weapon that would wipe out their test subjects if they ever lost control of them. All but nine of the females died in the experiment while ninety-nine of the males survived. Under the Ancients testing, the Wraith began developing the characteristics and powers they would later have. Eventually, the Wraith learned how to use their telepathic abilities and tricked the guards into releasing them. The Wraith stole the weapon that could kill them and the facility's ZPM and escaped through the Stargate to Athos . The Ancients chased them, but by the time they reached Athos, the Wraith were gone. The Ancients continued to chase the Wraith, setting a trap for them when they briefly attempted to return to Athos. Eventually, the Wraith were able to steal ships and hide the ZPM and weapon. It is suggested that a mollusk creature found on one of their original sanctuaries, Cair Leonid , would become the basis for their hive ships . The Wraith eventually split into various bands and the original nine females became the first Wraith Queens , known as the First Mothers, while the males would become their commanders. ( SGA : " Legacy: Secrets ")

Attack Potency : At least Large Star level  (Was able to best Demise in close combat, possesses the Fierce Deity mask, which he used to defeat Majora , defeated Ganondorf even while he was empowered by the complete Triforce in direct combat), higher with rings, upgrades and/or the full Triforce

The Telepaths Frozen Darling Must I PerformThe Telepaths Frozen Darling Must I PerformThe Telepaths Frozen Darling Must I PerformThe Telepaths Frozen Darling Must I Perform