Termites it takes two to make love

Termites are important in nature because they recycle cellulose or wood. Termites turn dead trees quickly and efficiently into food and nutrients which in turn feed many organism’s. To a termite, any structure with wood represents food. Once inside your structure, they will feed undetected in sill plates, studs, floor joists or any cellulose material they can access. This food (the wood in your house) will lure a continuous flow of worker termites to your structure. Proper treatment to stop this infestation includes creating a chemical barrier in the soil. As termites move through this soil, they will pick up some of the material you’ve applied, bring it back to their colony and over time contaminate all that occupy the nest. In some cases treating the wood will help accomplish this goal. And though most people wait till they have termites to do a treatment, clearly treating the home before termites find their way inside is the preferred way to do termite control.

Can one be absolutely sure that there are no these nasty insects somewhere except basement, furniture or other wooden structures? Are termites beginning to eat everything they are able to find? Today we will try to answer these questions and give you some necessary information how to avoid and get rid of these insects inside your house.

The termite has since spread to all of the major islands: Hawaii (1925), Kauai (1929), Lanai (1932), Maui (1933), and Molokai (1975). The original infestations on Maui and Lanai were eradicated, but the termite was reintroduced to both islands in the late 1940s or early 1950s. It is now found throughout most of Oahu and Kauai but is still limited to seaports or areas surrounding seaports on other islands. On Hawaii, it is found in Hilo, Kawaihae, and Kona; on Maui, in Kahului, and Wailuku, with isolated infestations in Maalaea and Kihea; on Molokai in Kaunakakai and Kalaupapa; and on Lanai at the Kaumalapau Harbor.

Termites It Takes Two To Make LoveTermites It Takes Two To Make LoveTermites It Takes Two To Make LoveTermites It Takes Two To Make Love