What is physiotherapy?

Physiotherapy - a system of specially selected physical exercises used to treat disease or to quench the pain. Here, preference is given to the active movements which the patient is able to do on their own. Only if the patient is unable to move a particular part of the body, the physiotherapist sets in motion its individual joints or muscle groups, doing so on. N. isometric exercises. The objective of therapeutic gymnastics - health promotion, recovery of the physical and spiritual harmony. If there is permanent damage, such as amputated limbs or paralysis of the cross, with exercise physiotherapist patient learns the implementation of compensatory movements, replaces the function of the missing body parts.

Individual physiotherapy

Physiotherapy is an individual therapy. In the selection of exercise should take into account the age and physical condition of the patient.

Specific methods

For this purpose, special methods by taking into account all the necessary criteria. In some cases, it is only simple household skills training. The principles of learning, training and exercises have been borrowed from the techniques for the preparation of professional athletes, moreover, guided by the principles of sports medicine. Often exercise physiotherapists administered in combination with massage, electrotherapy and hydrotherapy. The rehabilitation system of children's diseases used specific techniques based on theories of development of the neuromuscular system. Lately, when working with a patient selected exercises from various methods based on actual therapeutic use and the possibilities of restoring motor function.
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